“Across the river and into the trees”-Marina Uno welcome the Director Martin Cambell

  • Another important event in Marina Uno in the year 2016. On 14 September the collaborator “FVG Film Commission” Mister Gianluca Novel has moved up the river Tagliamento with the President of the Company “Lignano Pineta” Mister Giorgio Ardito. They were seeking a location to shoot a few scenes of the film “Across the river and into the trees”, adapted from the novel of Ernest Hemingway. It will be managed by the famous director Martin Campbell and it will be performed by the ex intelligence agent “007” Pierce Brosnan. Martin Campbell has directed many worldwide famous films of the saga “007”, including “GoldenEye” and “Casino Royale”, as well as “The Mask of Zorro” and “The Legends of Zorro”. Monday 31th October 2016, Alessadro Coleschi, the director Mister Martin Campbell and the line producer Mister Ken Gord have returned in Marina Uno because they made an exit with boat on the river Tagliamento. The location has been identified in short time, the film will be made in 2017.