The new marine network of Friuli Venezia Giulia - FVG MARINAS

  • The Marina Uno Touristic Port is part of “Assomarinas” and “Assonat”, it is part of the founders of “Consorzio Marine Lignano” which combines the marine in an active collaboration. In June 2016, the marine network “FVG MARINAS” was enstablished; it was created to promote and market the tourist offer linked to the marine sector in the Region “Friuli Venezia Giulia”. This important collaboration has a group effort and involves 19 regional marina; the objective is to promote nautical tourism in the Region. The targets and the strategies of the network follow the lines of the marketing plan of the regional’s tourism promotion agency “PromoTurismoFVG”, the principal partner of FVG MARINAS. Doctor Giorgio Ardito is president of “Consorzio Marine Lignano” and was elected administrator of the “FVG MARINAS” for the areas of Lignano.